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Online Toolkit for Job Placement and Employment Professionals
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Vocational Exploration
— What are the Jobs?

  1. How can I help my clients determine what jobs they can do? | PDF
  2. What web resources can my clients use to learn about jobs? | PDF
  3. How do Family Systems affect a person’s vocational exploration? | PDF
  4. What are the some career exploration strategies for consumers with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) | PDF

Labor Market Exploration
— Are the Jobs in Demand?

  1. What is Labor Market Social Capital? | PDF
  2. How can I learn about the various Labor Markets to guide clients in their career decisions?
    1. Occupations with the largest numerical growth | PDF
    2. Understanding Primary and Secondary | PDF
    3. How is the World of Work Changing? | PDF

Successful Job Seeking
— How Do I Find a Job?

  1. What are some traditional job search strategies?
    1. Top 10 tips for looking for a job | PDF
    2. Writing a cover letter | PDF
    3. Writing a resume | PDF
    4. Key Interviewing skills | PDF
    5. Common interview questions | PDF
  2. What are contemporary tips for resume development? | PDF
  3. What can I learn about behavioral interviewing to prepare my clients for job hunting? | PDF
  4. What are contemporary job seeking trends important to consider during job placement? | PDF
  5. How can your clients use social networking without risking potential job opportunities? | PDF
  6. Should my client disclose his/her disability to the employer? | PDF
  7. How Can Rehabilitation Professionals Build Employer Networks? | PDF
  8. What is the Role of the Agency Portfolio in Customized Employment? | PDF

Building Employer Connections

  1. How can I assess an employer’s openness towards hiring a person with a disability? | PDF
  2. How can I access/contact busy employers?
  3. What are the Key Components of a Marketing Plan? | PDF
  4. What Consulting services can I provide to employers?
    1. What Resources can my Client Explore for Ideas on Workplace Accommodations? | PDF
    2. What is Universal Design? | PDF
    3. How Can I Find Out More About The ADA? | PDF
    4. What is The Most Appropriate and Respectful Way to Interact With People With Disabilities? | PDF
    5. What is Disability management? | PDF
    6. What Recommendations Can I Offer To An Employer To Enhance The Success Of Accommodations In The Workplace? | PDF
  5. What should I know about the recruitment practices of employers when job developing? | PDF
  6. What should I know about the employee selection process used by employers when job developing for my clients? | PDF

Successful Job Keeping — Integration

  1. How can I evaluate an employer’s organizational culture for good job matching? | PDF
  2. What are Effective Strategies for requesting Job Site Accommodations? | PDF
  3. What are natural supports and how can they be utilized in my client’s work environment? | PDF
  4. How can I help my clients orient to the new job successfully? | PDF
  5. What types of experiences are likely to promote my client’s adjustment in the workplace? | PDF
  6. How can I help my clients be proactive when learning about a new job? | PDF
  7. What are some tips for getting along with supervisors? | PDF
  8. What are some tips for getting along with coworkers? | PDF
  9. How can my client become a more effective listener in the workplace? | PDF
  10. How can humor help my client integrate into the workplace? | PDF
  11. How can my client manage conflict at work effectively? | PDF
  12. How can my client best manage work stress? | PDF
  13. How can my client manage politics in the workplace? | PDF

Successful Job Keeping — Career Advancement

  1. How can clients learn to navigate through workplace politics? | PDF
  2. What are ways to help clients pursue promotion opportunities? | PDF
  3. How can a mentor benefit my client in the workplace? | PDF

Emerging Trends
— Serving Special and Unique Populations

  1. What Are Some Considerations When Providing Employment Services For Clients With A Criminal Background? | PDF
  2. How does the Individual Placement and Support Model help persons with severe mental illness achieve employment? | PDF
  3. What Are Some Important Considerations For Employment Services When Working With Someone Who Has Autism Spectrum Disorder? | PDF
  4. What Factors Are More Likely To Lead To Graduation For College Students With Disabilities? | PDF
  5. What Are Some Considerations For The Employer Who Hires a Client With a Developmental Disability? | PDF

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