Welcome to the National VR Transition Coordinator Network

Welcome to the National VR Transition Network sponsored by the Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE) Centers and Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR). We hope that you will visit the site frequently to learn about best practices in transition and share information with your colleagues. All of us know the critical importance of providing quality VR services to transitioning youth as they prepare to enter the workforce, it is our hope that this collaborative partnership will help facilitate quality services and outcomes.

The purpose of the National VR Transition Network is to connect transition practitioners in all parts of the country so that you can communicate with your colleagues, share resources and problem-solve. The Network will create a venue for open dialogue and provide a forum for proactively discussing legislative and policy issues and sharing effective VR transition practices.

The Network is supported by CSAVR and the National TACE Center Transition Collaborative. Through the Network, CSAVR will institute two-way communication with VR transition practitioners about key legislative and policy issues. The National TACE Center Transition Collaborative will assist and support practitioners in sharing resources, problem solving, and identifying effective VR transition practices.

A list-serv will allow members of the network to use one email address to easily communicate with others in similar roles. In addition, regularly-scheduled webinars/conference calls will facilitate closer connections. For each call, a specific topic will be identified to focus the content and flow of our dialogue.

Monthly Conference Calls

Calls will take place every first Monday of the month.

Upcoming Webinars/Conference Calls

Monday, Septmber 8, 2014 at 2:30-3:30 pm EST; 1:30-2:30 pm CST; 12:30-1:30 pm MST; 11:30-12:30 PST

Title: Pathways to Careers

The presentation is Pathways to Careers, an innovative approach to working with youth and adults using all of the best practices in the field and many of the features addressed in the WIOA, such as customized employment, demand employment, and work experiences matched to a career cluster. Hear from the vendors of Vocational Rehabilitation describe the services and hear from a VR administrator on how Pathways to Careers serves their customers.

Pathways to Careers is a systems-change initiative that envisions a future where individuals with significant disabilities have an informed choice of competitive, integrated employment options across a broad range of community settings. The model includes Discovery, linked to paid internships for career exploration and employer engagement strategies, and is uniquely engaging the employer community, identifying potential solutions to the major barriers currently posed by the absence of long term funding of employment supports.

Participants will learn about key features of the Pathways to Careers project including:

  1. An ongoing discovery/expanded discovery/career support process to identify the unique employment interests of participants and provide needed supports;
  2. An internship model in which participants explore jobs linked to their unique interests and abilities through project-funded internships that allow the individual to showcase his or her abilities;
  3. An innovative payroll tax adjustment that engages employers and provides permanent funding of long-term employment supports if the intern is hired; and
  4. The provision of ongoing career support following initial employment.

Presenters will provide information on the current pilot site located in Utah where the project is providing job exploration and career opportunities for youth with disabilities currently enrolled in the school to work transition, adults working in facility based Community Rehabilitation Programs and adults on Medicaid waiver waiting lists. Presenters will also provide information on systems change features of the model, plans to expand the project to additional states, and to include both individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism and those with serious mental illness.

Norciva Shumpert, Southeast TACE Region IV Consultant, Marc Gold & Associates
Brian DeAtley, Senior Research Manager Source America Institute for Economic Empowerment

To join the session on the day of the webinar, open the Session Login link up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. When prompted, enter your first and last name in the “Blackboard collaborate User Login” box. Or copy and paste the following link to a browser:

PowerPoint Presentation

What will you get from praticipating in the National VR Transition Network?

  • A List-serv will be used to share information and announcements (transition@list.uacurrents.org)
  • The monthly conference call used to discuss things in real time
  • Webinars and presentations for conference calls
  • Share promising practices or pilot projects currently being implemented in states across the country

Suggested Topics

If you have additional topics, please email Norciva, norciva@gmail.com

  • Issue of comparable benefits (i.e. dual enrollment in community college)
  • How to engage students early on?
  • Hearing from states that were awarded the PROMISE grant
  • Employment First initiative and working with individuals with more significant disabilities
  • Working with individuals with more significant disabilities and the project SEARCH program; how are VR agencies coordinating with the SEARCH program
  • Work experience while students are still in the high school environment
  • Developing partnerships between VR and the schools, looking at specific programs, and how to blend services, clarify roles
  • Creating a blended singular transition program
  • Partnering with the schools to implement industry specific training programs.


  • The address for posting to the list is nationalvrtransition@listserv.uark.edu
  • To be added to the list contact Carri George at cgeorge@uacurrents.org
  • People must be members of the list before they can post.