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Target Audience: Transition Counselors & Families
June 2011 – August 2011

An Overview of SSI and SSDI and Implications for Transition Planning

June 28, 2011

Presenters: Ellen Condon and Norciva Shumpert

Social Security benefits play a large role in transition planning. Families and young people need to be aware of the value of these programs to youth and adults with disabilities in funding adult services and medical insurance, and also of the possibility of work incentives to help fund employment. Families and youth also need accurate information about the impact of income on these benefits. (Many people still believe that if they go to work, expand their hours, or accept raises they will no longer receive financial or medical benefits.) This session will provide an overview of SSI and SSDI and explain the impact of income on both. Don’t let misinformation be a barrier to employment for youth on your caseload!

Social Security Work Incentives and Transition

July 21, 2011

Presenters: Ellen Condon and Norciva Shumpert

This session builds on the previous session to explain and illustrate how Social Security Work Incentives can be used to support transition from school to work for youth with disabilities. Some youth can access work incentives while they are still in school. They have been able to purchase services that augment what the school provides for employment preparation or save for future costs of supports needed to work. Other youth access work incentives as they exit school and can use these incentives to pay for supports lasting beyond the initial Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) investment. For youth who are in need of extended employment supports in order to work, Social Security work incentives have been used to leverage VR funds when no other funding was available to pay for the needed extended employment services.

Community Employment for Everyone

August 24, 2011

Presenters: Ellen Condon and Norciva Shumpert

Are you concerned that your son or daughter has too significant a disability to work? Are you concerned that if they go to work and earn a paycheck they will lose their social security and Medicaid? This session will share stories about young adults with various disabilities working in their communities. Information will also be shared about the impact of a paycheck on SSI and SSDI, state and individual Medicaid thresholds for earnings and social security work incentives that encourage people to try out work without fear of losing their benefits. This session targets families.