TACE Presenter

Allen Anderson, M.S.
President - Dover Training Group and Employment Management Professionals Inc.

Allen is an international speaker and employment program designer. He specializes in creating solutions for generating employment outcomes for people with employment barriers. He uses a strategic approach to employment outcomes focusing on the employer relationship and the how to’s of building and maximizing this connection. He has a reputation for innovative practical models and techniques to manage virtually any level of employment barrier’s entry into the workforce.

Allen has been a job developer, Director Job Placement, Director of Training & Development and Vice President and President of training companies. He has developed numerous training programs for job development professionals in marketing/selling skills for job development, written numerous articles and spoken extensively on the topic internationally. Job development direct selling is his forte.

Allen has a M.A. in Sociology, won the ASDT Disabilities Awareness Network Quality Service Award 1993, and the Ontario March of Dimes 2006 Vocational Rehabilitation Award.

Numerous US state VR agencies use his materials to guide their employment programs. Some current VR state agencies implementing these programs include South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department, Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Georgia VR, Florida Division of Blind Services and Goodwill of North Georgia.

Contact Information

Email: allen@dtg-emp.com