TACE Presenter

Amy Dwyre
Senior Associate – TransCen, Inc

Amy Dwyre, Senior Associate at TransCen, Inc., provides training and technical assistance in the area of job development and customized employment for people with intellectual disabilities for a variety of national and local projects. She was the Project Coordinator on the Center for Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, funded by NIDRR and in partnership with the Institute on Community Inclusion at UMASS-Boston, conducting research and disseminating information on promising practices that support individuals with ID in inclusive postsecondary education. Prior to that, Ms. Dwyre was the Project Coordinator on the Post-Secondary Education Research Center project funded by OSEP to set up technical assistance centers and collect data on college-based transition programs for students with intellectual disabilities (ID). She also managed materials and information for the ODEP Employment Toolkit and ePolicyworks Community of Practice for the Employment First State Mentorship Project. Ms. Dwyre currently is a trainer and curriculum specialist for the Region 3 ADA Information Center, provides job development training and technical assistance as the Project Director for the ODEP funded Add Us In/Maryland project, and works with several CRPs and college-based transition programs to expand job development processes.

Formerly, she coordinated the Baltimore Transition Connection, a 5-year federally funded transition project for students with ID on 2 and 4-year colleges and universities in Baltimore, integrating the local school system, adult service providers, the colleges and universities, and the community. Ms. Dwyre is a national trainer for TransCen in the areas of transition, marketing and job development, special education, community classroom models, and self-determination. She has a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling with a focus on Transition and Supported Employment from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, but some of her best training comes from supporting her brother, a young man with ID who lives and works on his own in southern California.