TACE Presenter

Cheryl Green, M.S.
TACE Consultant

Cheryl Green has had over thirty years of experience in employment services for individuals with the most significant disabilities. In 1981 she started one of the first supported employment programs in Washington State. In 1986 she staffed and later became the Assistant Director of the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment, a federal grant to assist states in changing from segregated employment systems to community jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health issues. While working for The Washington Initiative, she assisted in the start-up of over fifty new supported employment agencies, developed and implemented training and technical assistance, and coordinated the Ellensburg Employment Conference. As a project manager for state Department of Developmental Disabilities and County Developmental Disabilities Division she has had a variety of experience in contracting, developing and providing training and technical assistance, monitoring, and policy development for supported employment systems and managed the State Citizen Advisory Board. She has had direct experience as the Vice President for Employment a former UCP in implementing Customized Employment services for individuals with multiple disabilities. Ms Green also served as the “Work First” Manger for the largest county in Washington State, where she developed employer relationships and managed the Employer Advisory Committee, set up training for educators and helped to develop one of the most successful transition programs in the country, trained parent groups, and provider organizations, and managed the Working Age Adult Policy Committee for the county. Ms. Green has been a speaker at many transition and national employment conferences on topics that have included employment policy, Customized Employment, job development, Social Security work incentives and other topics related to employment and transition to work of students with significant disabilities. She has a Masters of Education degree from the University of Washington and currently resides in Florida.