TACE Presenter

Melinda Mast, M.S.
Marc Gold & Associates - Consultant

Melinda Mast is a consultant to projects that assist people with complex support needs into employment.  She also serves as a partner for the Southeast TACE Region IV, a project that provides technical assistance and training to rehabilitation counselors in the Southeast region.  In addition, she serves as a partner to the state of Kentucky on ADA matters. 

For seven years she was the Executive Director of the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky (BIAK), a statewide agency that assists individuals and others whose lives are affected by brain injuries, brain tumors and other neurologic disorders, through advocacy, education, information and referral.

She has been a partner in Employment for All a non-profit agency dedicated to the ideal that access to employment should be available to all persons with disabilities regardless of severity or label and a is a consultant for Marc Gold & Associates. Ms. Mast worked with Virginia Commonwealth University’s Social Security State Partnership System’s Change Initiative and has provided training and consultation to the Texas Supported Employment Changeover Initiative. She worked for United Cerebral Palsy Associates where she was the project director and key staff for several federally funded research and demonstration projects that resulted in the employment of hundreds of individuals with severe and multiple disabilities.  In recent years, she has focused on providing training and technical assistance to projects that support customized employment, choice and self-determination; One-Stop centers; student transition projects; and systems change initiatives that support individual choice and control. She has served on national task forces and committees and is a frequent speaker, consultant and writer on strategies and technology for including people with disabilities in the community.

Ms. Mast has a BS and MS from Boston University.

Contact Information

Email: melindalmast@gmail.com