TACE Presenter

Bill Santos
President/Partner of Employment Management Professionals

Bill Santos is President/Partner of Employment Management Professionals Oakville, a Canadian consulting and training firm specializing in employment outcomes strategy and skill development for organizations/staff serving people with employment barriers. Bill has specialized in the unique consulting skills of assisting management to build systems that will generate employment outcomes for people with significant employment barriers. Bill has spoken on this and other topics internationally (USA, Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, Angola, the Philippines and Hong Kong)

Special Projects

  • Job Placement Strategy Development for jobsOntario - 60,000 job placements achieved.
  • Employment Outcomes System Design for Vocational Rehabilitation Programs - Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts ...
  • Designed Employment Outcomes Professional (EOP) Program - marketing skills training for job developers.
  • Designed Employment Outcomes Management Professional (EOMP) Program - job development management skills training.
  • Designed Reframing the Hiring Decision (RHD) Program - marketing skills training for hard-to-serve candidates
  • Employment Outcomes System and Model Development - Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities