TACE Resource Expert

Joe Skiba, Consultant

Mr. Joe Skiba has 29 years of experience in the public vocational rehabilitation system, including counseling, management and a variety of administrative positions. As state director of the Michigan Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program from 1995-1998, his work focused on developing a customer-driven delivery system, building private-public partnerships and re-engineering the VR delivery system. He has extensive experience with implementing workforce development, linking services for persons with disabilities with the revamped delivery of employment and training. This effort has included work at the state policy level in Michigan, a member of national committees and as a consultant with several state VR programs. During his tenure as state VR director in Michigan, Joe spearheaded a replication of UCPA’s Choice Access project within the state agency. This innovative effort continues as an example of an effective statewide systems change effort in the area of choice-based rehab services.

Mr. Skiba currently works as a national consultant on organization development, strategic planning and systems change. His experience with welfare reform, workforce development, transition programs, consumer based or advocacy programs, and quality management provides an excellent background to assist government and non-profit organizations to reposition for the future and implement radical systems change. He has developed and conducted numerous leadership and management development programs for executive teams, boards of directors and line managers in state departments and non-profit organizations.

As a State VR administrator, Mr. Skiba was involved in the development of the one-stop delivery system in the State of Michigan from its inception in the early nineties. He served on the National USDOL-sponsored Performance Measures Task Force, representing state VR Directors. He has worked as a contractor to the US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration, creating and facilitating a think tank to make policy recommendations to enhance services to people with disabilities in the one-stop system (1999-2000). Other key activities include facilitating leadership and policy forums for the Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities, a Leadership Forum on the Next Generation Workforce System co-sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Research and Training Center on Disability Policy and Workforce Investment (2001). He also served as a consultant and project executive for a UCPA project, funded by USDOL, to implement informed choice for people with disabilities in One-Stop centers in Detroit and Denver (1998-1999)

Mr. Skiba has also consulted with many national and state workforce and rehabilitation programs. As the sole proprietor of Organization and Systems Change Consulting, he has consulted with the State of Alaska Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services over the past five years. This work has focused on the redesign of the five major Job Centers, implementation of customized employment throughout the Workforce System and more recently implementation of a Family Centered Customized Employment process for the Division of Public Assistance. He has conducted a leadership series for Alaska VR and One-Stop partner agencies, training for administrators in Federal Region X, an 18-month contract to benchmark and enhance services in One-Stops in the state of Michigan (1999-2002). Mr. Skiba has also served as a consultant to the National Center on Workforce and Disability Technical Assistance Center for One-Stops related to serving adults with disabilities at Boston’s Institute for Community Inclusion.

Mr. Skiba is currently under contract to the City of Detroit Workforce Development department and the Mayor’s Office as consultant to totally redesign the generic workforce /One-Stop system. This work follows many of the principles used in customized employment for customers with complex lives. He has also authored several journal articles or monographs related to workforce investment, disability policy, and service improvement. Clients include national advocacy organizations, state VR agencies, State Mental Health Public assistance and Developmental Disability programs, trade associations, rehabilitation organizations, and numerous other public and non-profits at a state or national level. Mr. Skiba and his family reside in Woodhaven, Michigan.