TACE Resource Expert

Patricia Yeager, Ph.D.

Patricia Yeager has just completed her PhD in Human Rehabilitation at the University of Northern Colorado and is working as a consultant on a variety of projects involving Independent Living.  Her research includes assistive technology usage among Californians with disabilities, examining the internal process and values that people with disabilities have toward work and knowledge translation for service providers in the field.  She held the position of Co-Principal Investigator for the NIDRR funded, non-profit based Community Research for Assistive Technology project that promoted research skills for Independent Living Center staff. Her consumer targeted piece, “Because I work” was published by the Rocky Mountain Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center and distributed to consumers through state vocational rehabilitation offices and the web. Her dissertation focused on internal barriers toward work that people with disabilities on benefits may experience.

Her consulting work includes providing training and strategic planning to State Independent Living Councils and Independent Living Centers as well as assisting states to implement a data driven funding formula for distributing funding to Independent Living Centers. Most recently she successfully managed a planning process to set up a statewide benefits application assistance program in Colorado which has been funded by The Colorado Health Foundation.  She is currently providing turnaround management consulting to The Independence Center of Colorado Springs- an independent living center and home health care provider.  A person with a life long disability she has recently rediscovered a passion for biking.